The Circle Eight: Benjamin



I finally finished my work and started on this book that I could not put down. Cowboys and tough guys are not supposed to make you cry but this one did. We first learned about Benjy in the first book of eight. The story of what happened to him was told in the 3rd when Caleb rescued his little brother. Our suspicions were confirmed in the 7th. In this book we see Benjy’s side of the story, all the shame, self doubts and misery.  We also see how strong and good he is when Grace needs his help to rescue her son from the family that tormented him as a boy. She may have had to force him in the beginning but Benjy came through for her and her son. Most of you will cry. Others will come close to crying. The rest should check to see if you still have a heart. To say I like this book is an understatement. I highly recommend you read it. I recommend you read the entire series.