Legendary Louisiana Outlaws: The Villains and Heroes of Folk Justice

Legendary Louisiana Outlaws The Villains and Heroes of Folk Justice


Everyone knows about Jean Laffite and Bonnie and Clyde but there are a few you might know. This book covers them all including Eugene Bunch, the suspected murderer Leather Britches Smith and a more. Louisiana is know for food, music and outlaws. You can read all about them in this book.

The Copeland Chronicles II

This is a huge book with 828 pages, 32,000 names and over 850 photos. It covers the Copelands and their descendants from the colonies to 2011. A great amount of work went into this book and for the most part it is a wonderful book. There are some errors but there are always errors in genealogy. Like other genealogy books you have to use it as a guide and do your own research. I was disappointed because my Copeland/Coplen brick wall was mentioned but there were no hints to who his parents were and the man believed to be his bother was not connected to him or anyone else.

I do recommend the book for anyone researching the Copeland/Coplen families.