White Rose, Black Forest

White Rose, Black Forest



This is a story about an American spy and a Germany nurse who’s paths cross during the WWII.

A German girl who was formerly part of the White Rose movement and disillusioned with the Nazi regime finds an American spy who had parachuted into the country and, unfortunately, had broke both of  his legs. The story is about building trust. They both need each other in order to survive.

The Marshall’s Second Chance

The Marshall's Second Chance


Jenny Carson and Mariner were childhood sweethearts. Mariner moved away but returned as Marshall when the town was having more trouble than the sheriff could handle. Jenny owned the ranch that her father left her when he passed away, and her half brother Earle received stock and money to start his own place . He, however, remained as foreman at the ranch. Jenny’s fiancé disappeared shortly before their wedding and she later found out she was pregnant with Luca, an adorable little boy. There has been trouble in Kendal Crossing and the sheriff couldn’t seem to handle it all so they brought in a Marshall, who turned out to be Mariner. Mariner was ready to come back to his roots. That is the start of the story and from there it was a mystery to find out why all the crime and murders were taking place. Seemed they were after Jenny and Mariner but no one could figure out why.



Marianne’s Marriage of Convenience

Marianne's Marriage of Convenience


Delivered on July 1, 2018

Marianne Collingwood believes her troubles are over when she inherits a business. Now her life will change for the better. However, nothing is that easy. In order to claim the business she has to be married and she does not have a husband. So, she decides to marry the man she works with, Lance Burnside.

“The last woman he’d ever think of marrying would be Marianne Collingwood. Marianne acted more like a drill sergeant than a flesh and blood woman, and that was on her good days!

Maybe they didn’t like each other much. He didn’t want to marry her any more than she truly wanted to marry him, but she had that Wanted poster folded up in her reticule, so he figured she had him over a barrel.”


The Hideaway

The Hideaway


Sara’s grandmother dies and she has to return to Alabama for the reading of the will. She plans to get everything settle quickly and return to her life in New Orleans. That is not going to be easy. Sara now owns a B&B, The Hideaway, in Sweet Bay, Alabama. It will not be difficult renovating the house, especially with her grandmother’s elderly best friends living there.

There are also surprises about her grandmother hiding in the attic. It turns out there are many things she didn’t know about Mags. Now she has to make a choice between saving the house and returning to her own home.

His Convict Wife

His Convict Wife


Colleen is horrified when she’s transported to Australia and forced into a terrible life. Pregnant and alone, the only way she’ll survive is by finding someone to marry. And when Samuel Biggs arrives at her workhouse looking for a housekeeper, she begs him to save her — but neither expects love to enter the bargain.

Hearts of Starlight (The McDougalls Book 1)

Hearts of Starlight



I was given an advanced copy of “Hearts of Starlight” by Audrey Adair to read and give an honest review.

I found this book very easy to read and I enjoyed the story. It was believable which is very important to me when reading. The characters were likable except the bad guys who you were not excepted to like. I would recommend this book.

Victoria Brighton runs away on the night before her wedding to the Duke of Lansingberg, a marriage arranged by her stepfather, who only wants access to her inheritance. She escapes on a boat headed to America and travels further to the western prairies.

Callum McDougall is the future chieftan of the McDougall clan. He is on a mission in the North-West Territories to find what has become of his missing cousin. Once his mission is complete, he will return to Scotland to lead his clan.

As you probably suspect, the meet on the boat crossing the ocean and are going to the same small town out west.


In the Land of Gold



For the most part it was a good book. The story line was unbelievable in places and it seemed to drag on. It is not a book you can’t put down, but it is a good little book for between heavy reading.

Christopher Payton is perfect for Cora Colton however she doesn’t love him. So, after inheriting her father’s gold claim she heads to Dawson City, Canada as the owner of his gold claim. There is where she catches the attention of Flynn O’Neill.

Unconquerable Callie

Unconquerable Callie



Callie Collins is known for being a very good liar. Her dream is to start a new life in South Pass City, Wyoming and open a bakery. In order to join the wagon train she tells the wagon master, Seth McCallister, she has a fiancé waiting for her.

Seth can’t figure Callie out, but that doesn’t stop him for falling in love with her. Callie loves him too but how will she tell him there is no fiancé?


*****What I Thought About This Book*****

Callie is the perfect woman. The problem is she is a little too perfect. This girl grew up in the city. However, she knew exactly what she would need on the wagon train, including the wagon and oxen. She  can shoot a rifle better than a man, she is not afraid of wild animals such as bears and she is a strong swimmer who can pull a man out of a river. On the other hand, she is gifted baker and can help birth babies. She is so good she can even run the wagon train.  She only thing she did wrong was tell one small lie.

The over all idea of the book was good but about half way through the book Callie started to get on my nerves. I found myself thinking there had to be one person on that wagon train that hated her. Oh no, everyone loved Callie.

I will not tell you the ending but even that was unbelievable.

There is one good thing about this book, it is FREE.