Life After

Life After


This was a story of people from different walks of life who experienced the same event of a train bombing. It is told by Autumn, the only survivor. God’s plan was in action for all the families and the stories came out so that everyone could heal.


To Be Where You Are (A Mitford Novel)

To Be Where You Are (A Mitford Novel)



This is the fourteenth book in the Mitford series by Jan Karon and I can’t wait for September 19th to get here. I received the first four books in a set of paper backs for Christmas and read them a if it was one book. I could not put them down. It seemed like years before the next one came out. Each have been purchased and read in one setting. Later on I bought those first four in hardback to match all the others. They have a special place in my home.

It is somewhat hard to explain these books. Trying to tell someone about them always comes out as boring. The life of an Episcopal should not be that interesting, but it is. Over the years he adopts a boy who needs a home, he gets married and retires.

I have loaned the first book to two friends. Both came back asking for the second book and both ended up buying the whole set. It is so easy to imagine how all the characters look and talk. They make you laugh and sometimes cry. They seem to become part of the family.

The books are categorized as women’s fiction, but trust me on this, men like them too.

I will buy this book on September 19 and I will tell you about it on September 20. It is going to be a long 17 days.


In the Land of Gold



For the most part it was a good book. The story line was unbelievable in places and it seemed to drag on. It is not a book you can’t put down, but it is a good little book for between heavy reading.

Christopher Payton is perfect for Cora Colton however she doesn’t love him. So, after inheriting her father’s gold claim she heads to Dawson City, Canada as the owner of his gold claim. There is where she catches the attention of Flynn O’Neill.

Unconquerable Callie

Unconquerable Callie



Callie Collins is known for being a very good liar. Her dream is to start a new life in South Pass City, Wyoming and open a bakery. In order to join the wagon train she tells the wagon master, Seth McCallister, she has a fiancé waiting for her.

Seth can’t figure Callie out, but that doesn’t stop him for falling in love with her. Callie loves him too but how will she tell him there is no fiancé?


*****What I Thought About This Book*****

Callie is the perfect woman. The problem is she is a little too perfect. This girl grew up in the city. However, she knew exactly what she would need on the wagon train, including the wagon and oxen. She  can shoot a rifle better than a man, she is not afraid of wild animals such as bears and she is a strong swimmer who can pull a man out of a river. On the other hand, she is gifted baker and can help birth babies. She is so good she can even run the wagon train.  She only thing she did wrong was tell one small lie.

The over all idea of the book was good but about half way through the book Callie started to get on my nerves. I found myself thinking there had to be one person on that wagon train that hated her. Oh no, everyone loved Callie.

I will not tell you the ending but even that was unbelievable.

There is one good thing about this book, it is FREE.

The Farmer’s Wife




*****What I Thought About This Book*****

This book was good for the most part, but for it to be believable the characters had to be incredibly stupid. The main story was Brian and Kim. Brian came across as a wimp and she was a snot. They had a fling in high school and we were supposed to figure out what the break up was about. The reason was obvious. It was hard to like Kim and you had to wonder why Brian was still in love with her. There were just too many things that didn’t seem “real” to me.

**********SPOILER ALERT**********

The whole story was based on Brian and Kim’s backstory. It was not hard to figure out what that story was. From the beginning I had questions about what happened. They ran off for a few days to get married because she was pregnant. While they were gone Kim had a miscarriage. They were in a motel and a midwife delivered the stillborn baby. The baby was described as a “perfect” little girl that she held. Kim was petite. If she was that far along how did she hide the pregnancy from her large family?  Where did they find a midwife? Why didn’t this 18 year old kid take his girlfriend to the emergency room instead of looking up a midwife?  They were only gone for a few days but they had time to deliver a child, buried her in a cemetery and arrange for a headstone. Where did they get that much money? And eight years later neither one has moved on. I understand they were hurt but they can’t deal with it after eight years?

**********END SPOILER**********

Ella: An Everland Ever After Tale




Ella grew up under a controlling stepfather and cruel stepsisters. Her only out is to make the sisters the most pretty dresses possible for the July Fourth celebration so they will find a husband. She just doesn’t count on meeting the handsome storekeeper.

Ian Crowne lost a leg at Gettyburg and thinks no one would want him. That is not a problem. He has his dogs and his store. Then Ella come in.

*****What I Thought About This Book*****

This book is wonderful!!! I loved it but I can not tell you why. I can tell you I read it in one sitting. It was just one of those books that grabs your interest and you want to know what happens and how it ends. One review that I read said it was not clean. There was nothing in the book that was offensive.

It was a good book. It was interesting. It keeps your attention. I recommend you read it.

Sourdough Creek





Cassie Angel has always taken care of herself and loved an adventure. So, she strikes out on an adventure in California. That is until Sam Ridgeway show up and claims to be a friend of her uncle. She has no idea he wants something from her.

*****What I Thought About This Book*****
This book wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great either. There were times when it seemed the author was adding filler to make it longer. The best character was the little sister, Josephine, and she was left behind with people Cassie had just met a couple of days before. Cassie was a little on the dense side but I liked Sam, even though he could have been a little bit smarter also.