Owl Succulent and Cactus Pots

These little owls are adorable and just the right size for the small succulents as well as the babies that are beginning to start out. When mine first came in I thought they were too small and it was hard to water them. Then a wise lady who knows her succulents and cactus gave me a wonderful tip on watering them. It just happened to fit my little owls perfect.

Her advice was to get one of those clear plastic pans that you put under your pots to catch the water. Put your pots, any size that will fit, in the pans and pour the water, not too much, in the pan. The succulents will absorb the amount of water they need. After an hour take the pots out and throw away the extra water. They have drank all they wanted and needed.

They would be a wonderful gift for a little girl who loves succulents.

The pots are 2.2 L x 2.2 W x 2.4 H inches and have a hole in the bottom.

Classic Urn Planter

My mother bought 2 of these urns and liked them so much she bought 2 more. They are made of heavy plastic and look perfect. They are lightweight and sturdy. The planters come in 2 parts that are a breeze to put together. There are two drainage hole that can be drilled out. I just tapped a screw driver and they came right out.

They are made in the USA and the dimensions are 19″ x 19″