Greetings from Ruston: A Post Card History of Ruston, Louisiana

Take a trip to the history of the Ruston, Louisiana, home of Louisiana Tech. The story is told through the images of 100 years of post cards. The book combines post card images with interesting anecdotes to tell the story of Ruston from its earliest days in the 1900s, through World War II, and up to the present day. Post cards include early businesses and homes, churches, schools, and advertising.


Knock Knock Personal Library Kit

You will love having this personal library kit if you have ever loaned books out to friends and acquaintances (classmates and coworkers) and to your devastation, never gotten the book back. Using this kit not only helps you keep track of who has which book, but also for how long; it also means your name and info is on the book in a more fun way for you than just penciling it in. It’s definitely a fun purchase at first, but if you find yourself loaning out books fairly often, I recommend using this to keep tabs on your borrowers.

The Secret Mother

Tessa Markham heads for home after a day of work and stopping by the cemetery to spend some time with her twin babies as she does every week. Much to her surprise, there is someone in her house and she lives alone. Astonishingly she finds a young boy sitting at her table, drawing pictures. Looking up, he says ” Are you my mummy?”.

And so begins Tessa’s descent into a nightmare. She’s being accused of kidnapping this boy. Even though she vehemently denies it, the police know she’s done it before, but there were no charges brought.

Her estranged husband is living with his pregnant girlfriend, they think she’s still grieving the death of her children and won’t believe her denies of taking this child. Her ‘friends’ won’t believe her. The police won’t believe her. The media, who is camped on her front door, won’t believe her. 

Tessa isn’t sure who she can trust but she knows instinctively that something just isn’t right. And who is the woman who seems to be following Tessa? Somebody is lying, and finding the truth may be more dangerous than she knows.

This is a well-written psychological thriller featuring credible characters. The story line is good, even though a little predictable. It’s mysterious, but not suspenseful. It’s a fairly fast read and I would recommend it to anyone who likes this type of book.