Dreams 4 Book Series

Sea of Dreams


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Sophie and her dad are on a hiking trip. She wakes up on one morning to find her dad and everyone else has disappeared. There is no electricity, computers, phones or anythings else that makes up her world. People and entire towns are gone. Even the animals are new, not the ones she knows. Then she finds Zach and they start the journey through the Sea of Dreams.


Mountains of Dreams

Forests of Dreams

Ruins of Dreams



Year One: Chronicles of the One

Year One


A haunting reality of what could happen in this world. Terror, horror, abominations and hate countered with bravery, determination, generosity, love and most of all hope. A magnificent story written by an excellent author.

The Bear and the Nightingale

The Bear and the Nightingale


Vasilisa Petrovna never knew her mother who died not long after giving birth to her, but she inherited her mother’s gift: the ability known as second sight. Able to see and commune with the various guardians of the houses and forest, Vasilisa spends her youth exploring and running wild through the forest of her father’s land. Nature is kept in balance and Vasilisa enjoys the company of the various guardians until one day a stranger arrives in town. The changes he sets in place begin to tip the order of things.

The Keeper

Vega Jane and her companions traverse the dreaded Quag in this second book of Baldacci’s famed fantasy series. She’ll need all her magical powers to survive the different levels. Each of the five circles comes with its own dangers. Vega must rely on her own wits and instincts plus the allies she meets along the way. Will she and her best friend Delph defeat the creatures that live in the wilderness? Or will they be lost in the Quag forever? This action-packed tale will have readers rapidly turning pages and eager for the sequel. If you like quest stories and monsters, this one is for you.