Bathed in Prayer: Father Tim’s Prayers, Sermons, and Reflections Collected from the Beloved Mitford Series

Bathed in Prayer



All of us who love the Mitford Series are excited about this book. The series of 14 novels brings you into the lives of the people who live in Mitford. The main character is Father Tim, an Episcopal Priest.  In this book, we can read his prayers, sermons and his favorite passages that make up who he is. The people of Mitford also give us some advice. Ms. Karon even allows us a look at her own faith.


Christmas Stories: 7 Original Short Stories

Christmas Stories 7 Original Short Stories


Christmas Stories is a set of short stories set around Christmas that explores the great changes that can come during the magical time of year. The focus is on miracles and helping others. The emphasis is of family and friends helping to set the tone for the holidays. The stories are short enough that you can read one story in a sitting. Each story focuses on characters finding what they need and making connections to improve their lives. Characters face different heartaches and challenges, like relationship strain and financial struggles, and find ways big and small to change their lives for the better.

Life After

Life After


This was a story of people from different walks of life who experienced the same event of a train bombing. It is told by Autumn, the only survivor. God’s plan was in action for all the families and the stories came out so that everyone could heal.

To Be Where You Are (A Mitford Novel)

To Be Where You Are (A Mitford Novel)



This is the fourteenth book in the Mitford series by Jan Karon and I can’t wait for September 19th to get here. I received the first four books in a set of paper backs for Christmas and read them a if it was one book. I could not put them down. It seemed like years before the next one came out. Each have been purchased and read in one setting. Later on I bought those first four in hardback to match all the others. They have a special place in my home.

It is somewhat hard to explain these books. Trying to tell someone about them always comes out as boring. The life of an Episcopal should not be that interesting, but it is. Over the years he adopts a boy who needs a home, he gets married and retires.

I have loaned the first book to two friends. Both came back asking for the second book and both ended up buying the whole set. It is so easy to imagine how all the characters look and talk. They make you laugh and sometimes cry. They seem to become part of the family.

The books are categorized as women’s fiction, but trust me on this, men like them too.

I will buy this book on September 19 and I will tell you about it on September 20. It is going to be a long 17 days.