Confessions Of An Ugly Stepsister

Confessions Of An Ugly Stepsister


This is a very interesting take on a very old tale. It is not your childhood fairy tale Cinderella. The characters are complex and have multiple motives. This book tells the story of Iris, one of the ugly step sisters and how they came together.


The Bear and the Nightingale

The Bear and the Nightingale


Vasilisa Petrovna never knew her mother who died not long after giving birth to her, but she inherited her mother’s gift: the ability known as second sight. Able to see and commune with the various guardians of the houses and forest, Vasilisa spends her youth exploring and running wild through the forest of her father’s land. Nature is kept in balance and Vasilisa enjoys the company of the various guardians until one day a stranger arrives in town. The changes he sets in place begin to tip the order of things.

Lincoln in the Bardo

Lincoln in the Bardo


I don’t know how to take this book. It takes place in 1862 during the Civil War. Willie Lincoln has died of typhoid. The President and First Lady are mourning there son and all the men dying in the war. That is when it gets into the ghosts in the cemetery.

The reviews are mixed. It seems to be one of those books that you either love it or hate it.