All-New Fire 7 Tablet with Alexa

All-New Fire 7 Tablet with Alexa


I won a Fire 7 a couple of weeks ago in a giveaway by one of my favorite authors. I already had an older Kindle with a keyboard and iPad Mini. I liked reading on the Kindle but it required a light after the sun went down. After I got the iPad I kept trying to swipe the page on the Kindle. I liked reading on the iPad but it hurts my eyes after a while.

The Fire is not as wide as the iPad mini which makes it easier to hold and it doesn’t hurt my eyes. I really like it better for reading. I said for reading because you can also get apps for games and social media. I haven’t looked at all you can get but it seems to have almost every thing the iPad has.

It is also cheaper than an iPad. The 8 GB is only $49.99 with free shipping and the 16 GB is $69.99 with free shipping. The Fire is perfect for reading and you can get apps also. The iPad will do more but if you are more interested in reading this is the way to go.

I still have my first Kindle with the key board. It still works great after all these years and stores more books than I can count. It is still on standby for an all night can’t put this book down session.

If you are looking for a reader this one is the way to go.