Mac on a Hot Tin Roof


I would like to thank Melinda Metz, Net Galley and Kensington Books for this book in exchange for an honest review.

The story of MacGyver (Mac) was cute, but not cute enough to carry the whole book. Unfortunately the rest if the story was boring. I wanted to tell the two main people to just suck it up and grow up. There were several other people in the neighborhood but they didn’t add enough to the story to remember their names. If the author had put in more about the thefts and the people instead of the long commercial shoot it would have been more interesting.

It’s A Christmas Thing




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It’s A Christmas Thing is very good book. It has a little bit of everything; cute kid, cowboys, ex-wife, new girlfriend, dogs, kittens and it was at Christmas. It was even easy and fast to read. There is no deep thinking with this one.

The only thing that bothered me was the four year old daughter seemed to be closer to ten. However, it did not bother me enough to put it down.

I am going to give the book 5 stars.

At Home in Mitford



Oh my gosh, this book… will restore your faith in humanity. I like to read it once in a while just to clear my mind of all the bad stuff of this world and get lost in a little innocent hamlet with the village parson and the quirky townsfolk. The thing is though, Jan Karon can WRITE. She’s a really amazing writer and never resorts to cheesiness. It is actually very funny, clever and uplifting. Get it, you will love it!

This is a tightly woven tapestry of village life in a not so fictional town in the western hills of North Carolina. Some live in quiet desperation, some are living large and out loud, and some are just trying to live.

This is an exploration of cultural cross pollination as seen through the eyes of Father Tim, an Episcopal Priest. There are secrets, hidden agendas, nefarious characters, bad actors, and all are in the need of reconciliation with God. In some cases they achieve the elusive redemption by “looking in the mirror”.

This is a great read for non-believers as well as mature Christians with a committed faith journey.

Have great joy in the journey.

This is really a review of the entire Mitford series which I have re-read too many times to count.

If you’re looking for gentle wit, a bit a sarcasm, likable characters, lovable dogs (a few cats), great story lines including some nice love stories, as well as great spiritual messages without it becoming preachy, you will love reading about Mitford and Father Tim.

Although Ms. Karon handles some pretty serious issues such as alcoholism, depression, and child abuse, it’s done without rubbing the reader’s nose in it. There’s no bad language, the strongest exclamation being “blast!”. Her books are G rated when it comes to sex. It’s clear when the characters are physically attracted to each other but you don’t follow them into the bedroom.

As the characters are developed over the course of the series, the books get better and better. In fact, when I first read the last two in the series, I immediately went back to the beginning and read them again because they were so good! 🙂 I don’t think I’ve ever done that before.

One Day in December

One Day in December


One December day Laurie is sitting staring out the window of a London bus when suddenly her eyes meet a man that makes her believe in love at first sight. In those brief moments Laurie and this stranger share a connection so deep that she knows he’s the one… But then the bus pulls off. And he’s gone forever. Laurie tries to find him over the course of the next year to no avail. And then the following Christmas she meets him again. The only problem is he is her best friend Sarah’s new boyfriend Jack. And Sarah, is possibly even more in love with him than Laurie is.

The book follows the lives of these three characters over the course of the next ten years as they all try to find out what falling in love versus staying in love with someone really means.



The Marshall’s Second Chance

The Marshall's Second Chance


Jenny Carson and Mariner were childhood sweethearts. Mariner moved away but returned as Marshall when the town was having more trouble than the sheriff could handle. Jenny owned the ranch that her father left her when he passed away, and her half brother Earle received stock and money to start his own place . He, however, remained as foreman at the ranch. Jenny’s fiancĂ© disappeared shortly before their wedding and she later found out she was pregnant with Luca, an adorable little boy. There has been trouble in Kendal Crossing and the sheriff couldn’t seem to handle it all so they brought in a Marshall, who turned out to be Mariner. Mariner was ready to come back to his roots. That is the start of the story and from there it was a mystery to find out why all the crime and murders were taking place. Seemed they were after Jenny and Mariner but no one could figure out why.



Target for Terror

Target for Terror



Fed up with being a target for terror, teacher Summer Star Whitfield turns investigator and discovers a chilling obsession.

Summer is a former beauty queen who turned to teaching.  Now she has to choose between foreclosure or a forced marriage to Lance McCoy, a politician who needs an Indian bride to be elected governor.

Clay Silverhawk loves Summer but married his half-brother’s widow in order to provide for his niece.  However, Clay loves Summer. And he happens to be a suspect in the serial killings.

The Ruined Wife

The Ruined Wife



Alastair and Steven have the perfect marriage, or so she thought until he confesses to a one time affair. This brings doubt into her perfect world. Of course it doesn’t help that the woman he had the affair with is determined to get even with Steven for it.

***There is some strong language in this book.

The Girl in the Moss

The Girl in the Moss



Book 3 in the Angie Pallorino Series

Jasmine Gulati disappeared twenty-four years ago. Her grandmother, Jilly Monaghan, contracts Angie to find out what her granddaughter’s life was like in the months leading up to her disappearance. It turns out that Jasmine’s young life wasn’t a simple one and her final hours of life were in fact captured on film. Jasmine was one of nine women who spent seven days journeying in the beauty of the wilderness as part of a based-on-reality film of sorts. All of the women had different personalities and were of different ages and backgrounds, but the goal of the filmmaker was to capture their love for the great outdoors as well as any catty drama or fallout that arose.Or was there another agenda at play?


Angie Pallorino 1 and 2



Marianne’s Marriage of Convenience

Marianne's Marriage of Convenience


Delivered on July 1, 2018

Marianne Collingwood believes her troubles are over when she inherits a business. Now her life will change for the better. However, nothing is that easy. In order to claim the business she has to be married and she does not have a husband. So, she decides to marry the man she works with, Lance Burnside.

“The last woman he’d ever think of marrying would be Marianne Collingwood. Marianne acted more like a drill sergeant than a flesh and blood woman, and that was on her good days!

Maybe they didn’t like each other much. He didn’t want to marry her any more than she truly wanted to marry him, but she had that Wanted poster folded up in her reticule, so he figured she had him over a barrel.”