Betty’s Attic: Nostalgic Collectibles

We are so excited that Betty’s Attic® has invited us to be one of their affiliates and allow us to bring their merchandise to our followers. Its appeal is limitless, from “baby boomers” hoping to find items that remind them of times past to twenty-somethings admiring the atmosphere of another generation.

Keep looking to see what we will be able to find.

VTech Turn and Learn

VTech toys are great for the little ones. They are colorful with smooth edges that don’t hurt or scratch. The children love the toys while at the same time they are educational.

With the Turn and Learn they can pretend they are driving. It has a steering wheel and five colorful buttons for animals and vehicles. They can play with the traffic light and a gear shifter

This one is for a 6 month to 2 year old boy or girl. It needs 2 AA batteries.

Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet

Comes in Blue, Pink and Yellow

This is a great toy and real tablet all in one. It is basically a real Fire 7 tablet, with a kid’s built-in entertainment center. There are 2 modes on the tablet: Parent (admin) and Kids. You can have one or multiple accounts. When in Parent mode, which is password protected, the Fire 7 looks and feels just like an Android tablet with all of the Fire 7 functionality. It can have Facebook, Netflix, Books and all the rest, so all of us Android users feel right at home. In the Parent mode you can also manage kids accounts: how much they can use the tablet per day, what they can and cannot watch/play, manage their installed apps, etc. When in kid’s mode, the tablet behaves just like it is on the pictures, easy-to-use, colorful interface. You need to click switch user to switch from Parent to Kids accounts.

The kids apps are not pre-installed; the main interface is an app store, just like Google Play, etc. The apps here are unique to this Kids Account, and are all free with the included subscription; which includes a boat load of games, Amazon Videos, reading and audio books. You still have to download each app before using it, so make sure to stock up on apps before going on a road trip.

VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Tow and Go Garage

VTech Smart Wheels Tow and Go Garage


I bought VTech toys for my little nephews last Christmas and for their birthdays. I was so pleased with them they are getting VTech this Christmas. The toys are durable and stand up to the roughness of toddlers. They are safe with no sharp edges and no small pieces to swallow. They are made for small children. With the Smart Wheels Tow and Go Garage you can add extra cars to the set that comes with the garage. Most important, the children love them.




Radio Flyer My 1st Wagon

Radio Flyer



This is a smaller version of the original wagon designed for toddlers. It is made of steel with no sharp edges to scratch the little ones. It has a working handle and front wheel steering. The assembled wagon is 19.25″ X 9.50″ X 7.40″. The interior is 16.5″ X 7.5″ X 2.25″. The wagon is made for 3 years-olds and older.