Shocks at Shipley Academy

Twins torn apart. A terrible secret hidden in a school’s past. Follow two children as they try to uncover the truth and, finally, bring a family together.

I did not like this book and I honestly don’t believe a teenage would like it. The book was poorly written.

I won this book in exchange for a honest review.

All the Crooked Saints

All the Crooked Saints


They say miracles don’t happen, and that’s true, to an extent. However, in Bicho Raro, that’s something you’ll never hear anyone say.

From the dawn of time, the Soria family trades in miracles. For generations, the members of this extraordinary family, the Saints as the pilgrims call them, have helped people in need of redemption on the condition that they’ll never interfere with their healing process or else, they’ll suffer from consequences, too.

What happens when one breakes this unwritten rule? All The Crooked Saints will help you find out.

Anywhere But Here

Anywhere But Here


A dystopian future where people are infected by a disease that turns them into the walking dead. It is hinted that a university experiment got out of hand but is not confirmed. The city of Oakridge Anywhere USA is the epicenter of the outbreak that spreads like lightning through the city and beyond reducing people to hunters, raiders, the hunted or grayskins. The story is told between two young lady’s points of view and between a stretch of three years. Both girls are from Oakridge but have been down interesting and unique paths in the last three years.