Lest We Forget: The Barrons

Lest We Forget


This is another great book written by Union Parish Historian Gene Barron. The book is about his ancestors, William and Prudence Davis Barron, their family and their history. it is mostly about the descendants of Henry Calloway Barron. You will also find photos and drawings.



The Family of Spearsville

The Family of Spearsville


Gene Barron is a well known historian of Union Parish. He has written several books and countless articles about his home. The Family of Spearsville is about the community he and his family came from. You will find many stories and pictures of Spearsville and the people who founded and lived there. It is a wonderful book gives you the history and imagines of his home. It is a must book for natives of Union Parish.

Secrets of Tracing Your Ancestors

Secrets of Tracing Your Ancestors

This book is an easy-to-read guide to beginning genealogy. The author teaches the basics of getting started and guides readers through the tricks and techniques of professional genealogists, and best of all the book is filled with real-life examples from Dan’s own searches over the years. Readers are pointed to the most current web sites and government records where information can be gleaned. Overlooked resources – such as military, family and church records – are identified and instructions for procuring and using them are included. Readers will also be treated to detailed suggestions on how to write an effective and interesting life history that will be treasured by the budding genealogist’s descendants. This revised edition has a new section on the Soundex system; new topics in Internet research, including new web sites; and more on immigration, naturalization, census and military records.