23andMe DNA Test

23andMe DNA Test - Health + Ancestry


This DNA test from 23andMe gives you a huge amount of raw data. If you’re looking for medical information (not just ancestry), you are getting your money’s worth.


23andMe DNA Test Ancestry Personal Genetic Service3


If you want  just ancestry information this is the one want to buy.


Ancestry DNA Test Kit



Amazon has their DNA Kits on SALE again for Valentines Day. If you need or want one now is the time to order it.


Family Maps of Union Parish, Louisiana

Family Maps of Union Parish Louisiana


I am posting this book again because so many people are asking for it. So here it is.

I have this book and use it frequently. It is a must have for Union Parish researchers.

This is a book of maps, 98 maps, from the U. S. Bureau of Land Management, of Union Parish from 1820-1920.  It is great for finding where your ancestors lived or owned property. You can also see their neighbors. There is an index of owners with each map. It also includes cemeteries, roads, rivers, creeks, streams, railroads, and towns. In Union Parish you will find Alabama Landing, Bemis, Bernice, Bethel Springs, Brantley Landing, Canbeal, Cane Ridge, Carroll, Cecil, Cherry Ridge, Clayton, Colsons, Conway, Copley, Cox Ferry, Crossroads, Culbertson, D’Arbonne, De Loutre, Dean, Downsville, Evergreen, Farmerville, Gravel, Haile, Holmesville, Hooker Hole, Hunt, Junction City, Laran, Lillie, Linville, Litroe, Loch Lomond, Lockhart, Loco, Marion, Monroe, Moselys Bluff, Mount Union, Oakland, Ouachita City, Pisgah, Point, Port Union, Quigley, Randolph, Rocky Branch, Rum Center, Sadie, Shiloh, Shiloh Landing, Smurney, Spearsville, Spencer, Taylortown, Terrills, Thirteen Points Landing, Truxno, Tugwell, Upco, Walnut Lane, Weldon, West Sterlington and Wilhite.

The Genealogy Do-Over Workbook

The Genealogy Do-Over Workbook


This is the book that many genealogists were waiting for. When most start out, they don’t know much about methodology or how to properly format source citations, or even how to find the best resources. You learn through trial and error and by making plenty of mistakes along the way. So in January 2015, when Thomas MacEntee shared this concept with the genealogical community, many made the decision that a “do-over” was just what they needed. While the guidelines for the Genealogy Do-Over were posted online and through a Facebook group, many genealogists were asking for a book version. The Genealogy Do-Over Workbook is an easy-to-follow, success driven program designed to help genealogists improve their skills, Whether you have been working on your genealogy for two months or 20 years,The Genealogy Do-Over Workbook will help you learn and/or review the key research concepts and techniques, and discover the tools and technologies you need to be a better genealogist so that you can effectively share your family history information with future generations.

Genealogy: Essential Research Methods

Genealogy Essential Research Methods


Helen Osborn is a first rate genealogist and a gifted instructor. This book is essential to anyone working on their own genealogy. It covers ways to search for information, how to analyze what you find, problem solving, organizing material, citing sources, and developing an ACCURATE, well researched and documented family tree you’ll be proud to pass on to younger generations.