Miss Julia Hits the Road

Miss Julia Hits the Road



Miss Julia is a southern lady and like all southern ladies she has perfect manners and tends to always be in some sort of trouble. This one likes to solve other people’s problems also known as meddling. In this book she is solving the problems of her housekeeper of many years, Lillian. Miss Julia do anything to save Lillian’s house.


The Haunting of Hill House

This book starts out with a group of strangers intending to meet at a haunted house for research purposes. What began as a group of strangers turns into a group of new friends, but that is only a ruse because Eleanor’s companions clearly see the house is consuming her.

This book was written in a different era, but the story is not lacking. It is filled with complexity and loaded with subtext. Some of the description is underwhelming and dated, but from the very first chapter of the book we are able to see Eleanor’s fragile mental state. Putting her in Hill House takes her to the breaking point.

Watching The Bodies

Watching the Bodies



When tough guy Jake Boulder and his PI pal Alfonse look into a young woman’s savage murder, the trail leads to an elusive criminal known only as the Watcher. Can they take on both the killer and the local police — and emerge with their lives intact?

The Girl on the Train

The Girl on the Train


Rachel’s life has gone to pot. She has always thought of herself as plain. Her husband had an affair and divorced Rachel to marry his pregnant girlfriend. She even lost her house to the other woman. And now she has lost her job.  She thinks she is worthless and begins to drink. That is when she starts to ride the commuter train twice a day, often times ending up in front of her old house. When a neighbor is reported missing the police suspect Rachel.  She has been seen roaming the neighborhood and her memory of that night is very fuzzy. Rachel is now the prime suspect.

This is a great book.  I couldn’t put it down and the ending is a total surprise.  The whole story was unusual. It kept my attention through the whole book. The style it was written in may be a turn off for some but I loved it.

I highly recommend this book!


Eight Minutes

Eight Minutes

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This book starts off as a really good book Shelly is in labor and on his way to the hospital her husband was seriously injured. In fact he was dead for eight minutes. After that the book either becomes a fabulous book or the worse you have ever read. Some say they couldn’t finish it and others say they couldn’t put down.

Toby, the baby, finds an imaginary friend when he is three.  His mother, Shelly, thinks he may be real and is worried because Toby is having behavior problems. However, her husband does not agree and their marriage starts to fall apart.