When a young woman on holiday ventures into the forest for a day of hiking, she soon finds herself turned around, lost in the dense growth and shadows. Night creeps in, bringing with the darkness subtle sounds of movement around her, the pulsing terror of unseen eyes on her.

A desperate young man who hopes to be more than just a friend to the woman vows to find her. The situation goes from bad to worse when the officer in charge of the missing woman’s case insists there is a logical explanation for what may be a crucial piece of evidence. Left with no choice, family and friends take to the hostile woods on their own in a hunt for answers. They have no idea of the depth of horrors waiting for them.

Bates Motel: The Complete Series

If you liked Psycho you will love Bates Motel. Freddie Highmore was born to be Norman Bates. It is really freaky how perfect he is for this role. Vera Farmiga was great also. This series brings out just how demented Norman really is and Mother as far as that goes. It also tells the back story of why Norman is Norman and why they ended up with a motel. We meet and get to know his brother, Dillon. You can’t help but like him and feel sorry for the poor guy.

This is one of the greatest and most addicting series ever shown on television. The actors were perfect for their roles and the writing was great.

You can be sure this series will be on my Birthday and Christmas list this year.