Murder in the First Edition




Murder in the First Edition by Lauren Elliott is the third book in Beyond the Page Bookstore Mystery series. While the book wasn’t a page turner it was a easy and enjoyable read. Yes, there was a murder but it will not have you hiding under the bed. You get characters who are likable and a murder to solve. All the time you are trying to find out who the murderer is and which man Addie is going to pick.

I would like to thank Lauren Eliott, Kensington Publishing and Net Galley for this book in exchange for an honest review.

At Home In Mitford – Hallmark Movie

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This has to be the worst movie from a book ever made. Even if I had not read the books, I would not have liked this movie. It is so bad I will not even give it one star. The characters were nothing like the people they are portraying. Father Tim, who is a portly, balding man in his 60’s, is a young, tall, thin and handsome man. Cynthia, his blond wife, is played by Andie MacDowell. Neither of them are suitable for their characters.

Dooley wasn’t even hardly mentioned while Puny, Miss Sadie Baxter, Uncle Billy and Miss Rose were not even in the movie. They left out the heart of Mitford.
The writers of this movie took a wonderful book, used two characters names, Father Tim and Cynthia, and eliminated the other characters. They ruined what could have been a great movie.

If you follow this blog you know that I love the Mitford Series by Jan Karon. I buy Mitford books the day they come out. I knew better to watch that movie. The movies are never as good as the books. This is the worst book to movie I have ever seen. Andie MacDowell took a wonderful book and turned it into a horrible movie. The movie would not have been good if it wasn’t about Mitford.

If you have not read the Mitford Series, give it a try. They are wonderful books. If you read the first one, you will read the rest. That means all you men also.

Jan Karon’s Author Page

Matchmaking for Beginners: A Novel

Matchmaking for Beginners A Novel


Marnie knows where her life is headed. She’s engaged to the love of her life, Noah, and together they will create a stable, ordinary life. Yes, Marnie can see her future. The problem is that she’s 100% wrong.

Noah’s great-aunt Blix only meets Marnie twice, but she instantly recognizes a fellow spirit, another matchmaker who can see the magic and love in the universe. She’s also convinced Marnie has a big, big life in store. And it doesn’t involve Noah. It turns out old Aunt Blix might have been onto something, because Noah and Marnie’s marriage goes south before it even starts. Reeling from the break up, Marnie is shocked to learn that she’s inherited Blix’s house in Brooklyn. Just one problem: moving to Brooklyn doesn’t fit into Marnie’s plans. It also comes with an unexpected roommate– Noah, of all people– and several tenants who are struggling with their own relationships. Marnie is determined to sell the house and move back home, but, even from the grave, Blix has her way of making sure everyone discovers their destiny.


Halfway to Nowhere

Halfway to Nowhere

Halfway to Nowhere is a story about mistakes and friendships and finding your way home – even if you’re already there. Nikki left her home ten years ago with a secret. Now she has no choice but to come back. She doesn’t want to see anyone. All she wants is to do what she has to do and leave. Thankfully her best friend happens to see her and that was just the beginning because in a small town everyone knows your business.


Mitford – 14 Book Series

Mitford (14 Book Series) by  Jan Karon

These are the best books I have ever read. The first 4 books came in a box set of paperbacks. I read these books as one. When I finished one, the next was started. At the end of the fourth book I was off to the bookstore for the next one. After that there was a year-long wait for the next to be published. However, it was worth it. Since then I have pre-ordered all the others from Amazon.

Mitford is the story of a cherished small-town rector in his sixties and never married. We get to follow Father Tim and the wonderful residents of Mitford through their daily lives. They become family, they make you laugh out load and they make you cry sometimes.

I have loaned the first book to two friends. Both of them were not sure they wanted to read the book but they both ended up reading the rest. If I could only recommend one book this would be it.

The Farmer’s Wife




*****What I Thought About This Book*****

This book was good for the most part, but for it to be believable the characters had to be incredibly stupid. The main story was Brian and Kim. Brian came across as a wimp and she was a snot. They had a fling in high school and we were supposed to figure out what the break up was about. The reason was obvious. It was hard to like Kim and you had to wonder why Brian was still in love with her. There were just too many things that didn’t seem “real” to me.

**********SPOILER ALERT**********

The whole story was based on Brian and Kim’s backstory. It was not hard to figure out what that story was. From the beginning I had questions about what happened. They ran off for a few days to get married because she was pregnant. While they were gone Kim had a miscarriage. They were in a motel and a midwife delivered the stillborn baby. The baby was described as a “perfect” little girl that she held. Kim was petite. If she was that far along how did she hide the pregnancy from her large family?  Where did they find a midwife? Why didn’t this 18 year old kid take his girlfriend to the emergency room instead of looking up a midwife?  They were only gone for a few days but they had time to deliver a child, buried her in a cemetery and arrange for a headstone. Where did they get that much money? And eight years later neither one has moved on. I understand they were hurt but they can’t deal with it after eight years?

**********END SPOILER**********

Debbie Macomber’s Cedar Cove Series

This is the series by Debbie Macomber that the Hallmark Channel series Cedar Cove is based on. The story follows the lives of the residents of small town Cedar Cove. I read the books as they were published and really enjoyed them.  The TV show does not follow the books  but is still good.  Watching the show after reading the books can be a little confusing but at the same time it is very hard to keep up with all the characters if have not read the books.  I do recommend the books.