Ancestry DNA Test Kit



Amazon has their DNA Kits on SALE again for Valentines Day. If you need or want one now is the time to order it.



The Great Alone

The Great Alone



Ernt Allbright can’t run far enough to escape his demons. In an attempt to do so he drags his wife and daughter to the wilderness of Alaska. The problem is none of them are prepared or equipped to start a new life. They have to learn to garden, hunt and gather enough food to survive the winter. And there is the bears, wolves and other wild animals.

Neighbors try to help but as time goes by they come to see Ernt’s temper, abuse and his lose of sanity.

Bathed in Prayer: Father Tim’s Prayers, Sermons, and Reflections Collected from the Beloved Mitford Series

Bathed in Prayer



All of us who love the Mitford Series are excited about this book. The series of 14 novels brings you into the lives of the people who live in Mitford. The main character is Father Tim, an Episcopal Priest.  In this book, we can read his prayers, sermons and his favorite passages that make up who he is. The people of Mitford also give us some advice. Ms. Karon even allows us a look at her own faith.

Sold on a Monday

Sold on a Monday



Ellis Reed is a reporter who takes a photograph of a sign on a porch. It is the during the Great Depression and the family is selling their children. Remembering his own past he has no plans to publish the picture, until it becomes his big break.

Ellis and Lillian, a secretary, team up to help the family.