Ella: An Everland Ever After Tale



Forget glass slippers… this time she’s wearing cowboy boots!

Ella has grown used to the casual cruelty of her stepsisters, the complete control her wicked stepfather exerts, and the exasperating way the birds and the mice keep bothering her while she’s trying to do her (extensive) daily chores. But with the big July Fourth celebration coming up in Everland, she’s determined to make her sisters the prettiest dresses possible so that they’ll finally get married and move out of her life. But she doesn’t count on a chance meeting with a handsome shopkeeper…

Having lost a leg at Gettysburg, Ian Crowne knows that he’s no princely catch. He’s got his store and his dogs, so he’s satisfied…until the day when an enigmatic stranger captures his imagination and his heart. Now they’re both dreaming of each other and wishing on stars, and the celebration is only days away…

*****What I Thought About This Book*****

This book is wonderful!!! I loved it but I can not tell you why. I can tell you I read it in one sitting. It was just one of those books that grabs your interest and you want to know what happens and how it ends. One review that I read said it was not clean. There was nothing in the book that was offensive.

It was a good book. It was interesting. It keeps your attention. I recommend you read it.


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